About Us

Who we are?

CSR CHILDREN, is the leading advocacy organization in Nigeria in the field of CSR and Children’s Rights.

Founded by Toyin Olakanpo in 2013, a seasoned lawyer and advocate for child rights and global education, its activities started off as a grassroots advocacy initiative under the name of “Children and Business Network” in response to the UN Children’s Rights and Business Principles launched to raise awareness amongst the Nigerian private sector of their responsibilities to support Children Rights.

After its successful launch in 2013 and the support of the Lagos State Government, a formal application was made for the initiative to be registered as a non-governmental organization.

In March 2014, the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility and Children’s Rights (“CSR Children”) was born to carry on the work that was begun by the Children and Business Network but with more focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and how that can be used for significant impact on international development and the development of children in Africa.

What We Do

CSR Children is committed to the global cause of supporting and promoting Children’s Rights and the development of children ages 0-18 years by:

1. educating the Nigerian private sector that the sustainability of their company is directly
linked to the social investment in the development of children and youth; and

2. hosting organized Forums, Seminars and in-house corporate training:

(I) on CSR strategy in the field of corporate social responsibility and child rights can be
engaged to support Children’s Rights;

(II) the intergration of child related millennium development goals and sustainable
development goals into their existing HR Practices and CSR Targets.

Annual CEO Forums

The CEO Forum and Business Roundtable on Children’s Rights is an annual event held by the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility and Children’s Rights and its event partners Train 2 Gain. It is a forum to engage business CEOs and top senior executives in Human Resources, Marketing and Business Strategy to conduct a corporate self-evaluation as to where they stand in their support of Children’s Rights upholding the Millennium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals. Every organization has an impact on the lives of children. The questions is whether this impact is positive or negative.

The first forum was held on May 30th , 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria with 92 attendees including top dignitaries and business CEOs. The Executive Governor of Lagos State Babatunde Raji Fashola gave the Keynote Address.

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